Market Scanning Utility

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HamScan is a program that works with the TC2005 / TCNet data servers and the TC Software Development Kit. It:

Updated information for version 3.01.21 (changes from V 3.01.20):

Screen Shots

Sample Formula Builder screen

Sample HamScan windows are shown in the screen shots, above. It provides various price information, as well as some calculations that can not be easily created in TCNet/TC2000. These include Exponential Moving Average, Wilder's Directional Movement (ADX, DI+, etc.), AverageTrueRange and many others. Also notice that some of the TCNet Fundamentals data is shown (Beta), both as a rank (1 to 99) and as an actual calculated value. Each column is displayed according to the format that you choose, including the number of digits following the decimal point.

A drop-down ("PAGE") is provided to allow you to switch among multiple screens, each of which can present any data columns. All of the TCNet and TC2000 Lists and Sorts that you have set up are available - you can have HamScan display information on stocks that you have set up in a custom watch list. Also, you can click your mouse on the column headers ("Ticker", "Open", etc.) to have HamScan sort the lines according to the data in that column (Green column header means that the data is sorted by that column in ascending order - small to large; Red column header means that the sort is descending).

What if I want some additional calculations for my own formulas?

HamScan provides features that are not currently available on TCNet - specifically, the ability to program ANY indicator or oscillator (or even trading strategies) that you can specify. You determine which columns and calculations you want, and I'll program it for you. Email me with your specifications for a quote.

Is there a guarantee?

Trading involved a high degree of risk. HamFon (Nelson Crowle) is not responsible for how you use the information that HamScan provides, and can not be held liable for any reason. HamScan is published with no guarantee as to correctness (but please email me if you find something that is not right). If you use any of this information, use it at your own risk. You are responsible for your own trading decisions. Be sure to verify that any information you see in HamScan is correct, and is applicable to your particular trade. In no case will I be responsible for your trading gains or losses. In addition, HamScan works with TCNet/TC2000, a Worden product. The TCNet/TC2000 specification could change at any time, possibly causing HamScan to lose functionality. Although I will make a best effort to keep HamScan fully functional as TCNet/TC2000 changes, I can not guarantee that, since I have no control over the features or internal mechanisms of future versions of TCNet/TC2000. There are no refunds; however, you may cancel your subscription through PayPal at any time before the next billing cycle.

With all that legalese out of the way ... Good trading!