HamFon's TradeStation Strategies, Indicators, etc.

EasyLanguage Specialist Logo I received my TradeStation EasyLanguage Specialist qualification from TradeStation in May of 2003.

Neither TradeStation Technologies nor any of its affiliates has reviewed, certified, endorsed, approved, disapproved or recommended, and neither does or will review, certify, endorse, approve, disapprove or recommend, any product or service that offers training, education or consulting regarding the use of EasyLanguage.

I use TradeStation (versions 7 and 8) as my broker and trading platform for day-trading. It provides selective ECN access, great commissions (basically, $0.01 per share), and extensive programmability and expandability. Here are some of the Strategies, Indicators, and other EasyLanguage tools that I have written. They are free to use, with the only proviso that you keep the header comment crediting me (HamFon) as creator. I have several other Tools in progress, and will upload them when they are ready. To use these tools, select one of the following files, download to c:\temp (or some other location where you can find it), then in TradeStation, from the menu, select File / Import/ExportEasyLanguage, select Import, and point TradeStation to the file you downloaded. When you enable an indicator, check the Inputs tab to make sure they are set the way you like, and also make sure that you select the right SubGraph under the Data tab when you Format the Indicator. Here is what I have:

NOTE - each of these tools is written for use with TradeStation 6 or 7 (depending on how recently I wrote it). Some of the very newest tools will work with TradeStation 7 only, particularly RadarScreen Indicators. None of these tools are written specifically in TradeStation 8 - but I will start releasing TS8 versions when TS8 becomes the official version for everyone. If you are running TS4 or TS 2000i, I have included text versions of these (see the separate link "(text)") since your platform can not import the .eld files. These "(text)" links give you the source code in a .txt file, and you can attempt to create a new tool and copy and paste this source code in. I make no guarantee that these tools will work with any prior version of Trade Station, but you're welcome to adapt it if you can. Good luck!

These TradeStation EasyLanguage items are separated into the following categories: Function ("F"), Indicator ("I"), PaintBar ("P"), RadarScreen Indicator ("R"), ShowMe ("M"), Strategy ("S"). ELD files should include any functions used, but if you install any of the TradeStation tools from the TXT (Text) version, you may need to also separately install any functions that are referenced.

NOTE: Most of my Entry Strategies include TimeStart, TimeEnd, AllowMultipleEntries, DoLong, and DoShort as input parameters. The Time parameters let you specify a time-of-day trading range in 24-hour-clock time HHMM - e.g., from 9:45 AM to 3:15 PM would be TimeStart=945 and TimeEnd=1515. AllowMultipleEntries defaults to false - it will block triggering a Buy or Sell Short order if an order is already open on that particular equity. DoLong and DoShort default to true - but if you want to disable Buy (or Sell Short), change DoLong (or DoShort) to false.

Also, make sure you have an Exit Strategy set up. You might try the built-in "_Stops & Targets" - it allows for different exit settings. If you don't have an Exit Strategy set up, then the Entry Strategies will only trigger the first time since they think you continue to hold the equity.

These Strategies use the TradeStation naming convention to include L (long) and/or S (short) at the end of the strategy name, followed by E (entry) and/or X (exit). For example, a Strategy that triggers long and short entries would include LSE.

Disclaimer: These tools are provided as-is. Although I strive for correctness, I make no warranty that these tools do what they say they do. I make no guarantee that these tools are fit for any particular purpose, or that they will generate a profit. You may use them at your own risk.

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